Our 4-Step Process


Essential Steps to HVAC Duct Health

  1. The process begins with the connection of a large vacuum hose (8 inch diameter) into the return section of the duct work.
  2. The entire ventilation system is then sealed, covering all supply and return grills to allow for a powerful and concentrated suction.
  3. High pressure air (250 psi) is then forced through each and every return vent and continues until all return main duct trunk lines are properly cleaned. We use a wide array of air cleaning tools, such as air whips, brushes, reverse and forward air flow jesters (air snake) to loosen or break up all caked on dirt, dust and debris from the interior surfaces of all duct lines. This process is then repeated through the supply section of the ventilation system and continued until all supply vents and main duct trunk lines are properly cleaned.
  4. All access panels and 1‚ÄĚholes are sealed air tight upon completion of the cleaning, and the system is returned to its original settings.

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