Questions Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Concerns Re: Duct Cleaning

1. Do I have to leave my home during the cleaning?

Absolutely not. We will be doing all the cleaning with you in your home or place of business. You can go about your day as usual. We prefer the client to be there to answer any further questions you have and to educate you on some helpful tips to help maintain the air quality of your duct system.

2. How long will a cleaning take?

A usual 3 bedroom home of about 2,000 square feet will take roughly 1.5-2.5 hrs to clean. We like to be thorough so your patience with our expert staff will be greatly appreciated. If you require a commercial quote please call our office to schedule an on-site visit.

3. Are there any harmful chemicals used?

Absolutely not. All our cleaning is done without using any solvents or solutions that would be harmful to your family or the environment. After all our whole mission is to make you breathe easier.

4. What’s with that burning smell?

Don’t worry! It’s normal to smell a burning odor for a short time after your ducts have been cleaned and your furnace is turned back on. The smell is just the burn off from the cleaning. It’s the dirt being moved.

5. Do dirty ducts effect energy efficiency?

Yes they do. Anything from dirt buildup to blockage can effect the ability of your duct system’s ability to efficiently heat and cool to your home or place of business.

6. Is there anything I have to do ahead of time?

To make things easier you can remove all obstructions (furniture) from the area of the vents to ensure our expert staff can properly access the areas to be cleaned. If you have an alarm call ahead to shut down alarm for 3-4 hours to save any error of activation by our staff.

7. How often do you need to clean your ducts?

Between 1 and 2 years depending on the traffic, whether or not you have children and pets, work with the elderly and other factors. Our expert staff can help you decide the best time to clean again.

8. Can pets be around during cleaning?

We are a pet friendly company and enjoy greeting and meeting all walks of life. It is important to us that your pets are in a secure and safe place during our visit, as the decibel of noise created by our high powered equipment can cause some pets to become nervous and skittish. We are not responsible for supervision or care for any animals during our visit.

9. What is fogging?

Fogging is an environmentally safe duct cleaning solution that kills germs in your air conditioning duct while ensuring your indoor air quality is at optimal levels. Cleaning the interior of your HVAC and air systems is important, but it is not the only step that needs to be taken. Aside from killing and ridding your systems of all debris, and bacteria, it’s essential prevent them from growing again.


Fogging releases an antibacterial spray that sanitizes and seals the ducts. This process has a number of different uses including odor control, sanitizing, and pest control.

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